Houston East End Chamber of Commerce Breakfasat Exchange

May 28th, 2014

Houston, TX USA

An interesting and refreshing “Breakfast Exchange” was held at City Office Supply, in partnership with the Houston East End Chamber of Commerce, on May 22, 2014. The event was advertised by both partners’ social media channels and email blasts to Chamber members and prospective non-member businesses as a free informative networking event. With an emphasis on “locavore” dining, authentic “Tex-Mex” breakfast tacos (from a local taqueria/cafe down the street) were served along with assorted Mexican pastries (from a local panaderia/bakery) and delicious fresh fruit (from a local produce company nearby).

Each guest stood up and gave a 60-second “commercial” about their business, what their relationship or link to the community was and what they hoped to do for the community. Many found they had schools, backgrounds and business relationships in common. And just about everyone liked and was encouraged by the idea of a “Shop Local” campaign and vowed to do more reciprocal business in the future. City Office Supply has long been utilizing marketing ideas and material from American Express’ OPEN “Shop Small” campaign, the American Independent Business Alliance and Independent We Stand’s “Shop Local” campaigns to some success.

Contact information on all attendees was collected and redistributed from the event registration log as promised. And we are happy to announce the incredible turnout of over 60 professionals looking to network and advance business and development in Houston’s East End. When the talking and networking were all said and done, many attendees enjoyed roaming the aisles, examining new and old products alike, and making numerous purchases at City Office Supply, all to the delight of their host! Community businesses supporting one another….It’s a beautiful thing!

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