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What Is the Purpose of a Business Card?

Monday, September 17th, 2012


Business cards are an easy marketing tool used by professionals to advertise their services. They are used when a person’s contact information is requested, at professional conferences or meetings, and to refer another person to a business or person with whom you’ve worked.


There are several types of business cards, including informational, reference, coupon and note. The most common type of business card is the reference card, but the other types are becoming commonplace.

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Wall Street Analysts Slam Office Products Big Boxes

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Wall Street came down hard last month on
the office products big box stores, triggered
primarily by the release of worse
than expected quarterly results by Staples,
which saw second quarter earnings plummet
32% and sales fall 5.5%, well below
analysts’ estimates. Staples also cut its
profit and sales forecast for the rest of the
After the news, Staples stock plunged by
as much as 17% to reach its lowest level
since 2003. Staples’ bad news also had a
ripple effect on Office Depot and Office-
Max and prompted several high profile
Wall Street analysts to question the
group’s continuing viability.
“Is This Office Supply’s Swan Song?”
asked analyst Alex Planes in a post on the
Motley Fool website that highlighted just
how poorly the three stocks have performed
for investors.
The big boxes overall total return over the past five years has
been dismal at best, accordingly to Planes, with Staples posting
a -46% return, OfficeMax posting -84% and Office Depot generating
a -93% return for its investors.
Planes said the office products big box carnage was due to a lack
of superior customer experience, or superior specialty product
depth and knowledge and he likened them to Neanderthals who
have failed to rise to new challenges.
On the website, feature writer Dan Burrows
suggested office supply stocks are at “the end of an era.”
“Rampant unemployment and government austerity programs
would be sufficient problems for any office supply chain. Throw
in pressure from discounters, warehouse clubs and online merchants,
and there’s little to like in big-box retail stocks,” Burrows
Forbes contributor David Penn was equally scathing. His analysis
of big box prospects carried the headline, “Costco,
Eat Staples for Lunch.”
Penn maintained “tectonic movements” have been rearranging
the retail sector in ways that will likely continue, to work against
the office products big boxes. “It doesn’t take much,” he suggested,
“to wonder if the world is big enough for three different
office supply retail chains.” Who knew?

from September Independent Dealer
Simon DeGroot

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