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happy thanksgiving!

Friday, November 11th, 2011

The true meaning of the Thanksgiving Holiday lies
in giving thanks for our country, family and friends.
City Office Supply’s team of office product professionals
highly value the relationship we have built with you,
our customers, and would like to thank you for the
continued confidence you have placed with us since 1950.
Please keep us informed of any special need in office
products, office furniture or printing you might have.
Have a Happy Holiday.
From All of us at

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advocate for independents in fight of his life

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Office Depot whistleblower David Sherwin has been diagnosed with
terminal prostrate and bone cancer and is on a course of pain management
and hormone therapy to maintain the quality of his life for
as long as possible, the website reported last month.
Sherwin, 56, is a former senior account manager at Office Depot
and had in-depth knowledge of its U.S. Communities contract and
pricing plans.
Over the past three years, he has almost single-handedly run a
campaign to expose alleged price switching and overcharging in
Office Depot’s U.S. government contracts.
Due largely to Sherwin’s efforts, audits by municipal, school, county
and state auditors across the country have resulted in payment by
Office Depot of millions of dollars to settle allegations of overcharging
and other irregularities.
“One of my greatest disappointments is that U.S. Communities has
refused to get on the right side of history and publicly rebuke Office
Depot and refused to cut all contractual ties,” Sherwin said. “U.S.
Communities’ continued silence on this matter does nothing but
make them look as if they are hiding some dark secret,” he added.
In reflecting on his campaign, Sherwin paid tribute to various industry
organizations and individuals for their help and encouragement.
“I want to acknowledge the stalwart support that I have received
over the last three years from Proficiency Post, Diane Griffin, Rick
Marlette, Bob Mairena, Jerry Bircher, Chip Jones, Steve Danziger,
Chris Bates, Grady Taylor, Mike Gentile, Bob Cetina, Steve Sterne
and countless other independent office supply dealers and government
officials,” he said.
Despite his terminal illness, Sherwin said he is not about to let up
in his campaign against Office Depot and indeed, he continues efforts
to raise awareness of the issue.
Last month, Sherwin called on the Detroit Public Schools Inspector
General’s office to publicly release its report that alleged $5.2 million
in overcharges on its office supply purchases through Office Depot
under the former U.S. Communities contract.
He also disclosed the City of Houston Auditor’s Office had informed
him they too are opening an investigative audit of Office Depot’s
performance under its contract with them.
“A person’s character will be judged in this world is not by how they
performed in the good times but how they meet adversity, how they
face insurmountable odds and did they in the end struggle for that
which is right and justice. It is my hope that I will be remembered
as the person who did the right thing,” Sherwin said.
…from Nov.2011 Independent Dealer Magazine

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