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Monday, February 21st, 2011

Isn’t It Time for
Our Government
to Start Trusting
Free Markets
There’s a half full-half empty feel about selling to the government
and it shouldn’t be that way.
On the plus side, we can applaud some recent efforts
to consult more with small business and find
more room at the table for them in the government
marketplace. GSA’s Second Generation FSSI (Federal
Strategic Sourcing Initiative), the State of
Texas award to a group of eight dealers and the
U.S. Communities award can all be viewed as representing
progress and that’s a good thing.
But why, in a country that spent much of the last
century fighting to preserve free markets, do the
powers that be that run the country today insist on
trying to replace the free market with just a limited
number of suppliers in their particular segment of
the economy?
And they continue to do so, despite case after
case of overcharging, unauthorized product substitutions
and similar irregularities that too often
emerge under exclusive, single-source and limitedsource
“strategic” type contracts!
Surely by now it’s reasonably clear that in the office
products market, at any rate, the search for a
“strategic” alternative to open competition leads
right up a blind alley. It may help make life easier
for a bureaucrat or two. But it also tilts the playing
field unfairly for our industry and does a significant
disservice to the ultimate customers we’re supposed
to be serving.If I’m missing something here, please let me know,
but from where I sit, it looks like it’s long overdue
for the folks in charge of buying for our government
at all levels to get back to the principles that
brought this country to the dance in the first place.

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