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october is fire safety month

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

How do you make sure your work location is fire safe?

Ensure fire safety equipment is free and clear of obstructions and readily available. If your building has the following, check to confirm:

Fire extinguishers are easily accessible and not obstructed.
Manual fire alarm pull boxes on the walls are accessible.
Emergency lights are positioned properly to illuminate the path.
Exit doors are clear and unobstructed.
Sprinkler heads are not obstructed by storage (18”min. clearance).
Access to sprinkler system risers is clear and unobstructed.
Ensure the exterior of your building does not present a fire risk.Check to confirm:

Access to and around the building is clear and unobstructed.
Access to fire equipment is clear, such as fire hydrants, automatic sprinkler connections, and sprinkler control valves.
Designated smoking areas have noncombustible receptacles for discarding the material.
Tumbleweeds, vegetation, and other combustible materials are not accumulating adjacent to the building or equipment
In your office area check to confirm:

Extension cords are not used in place of permanent wiring.
Surge suppressor are used for computer circuits.
Electrical lights are clear of combustible materials.
Heat producing appliances are clear of combustibles.
Combustibles are not stored in front of electrical panels.
Portable heaters are UL listed.
A fire safety inspection checklist is included as part of this lesson plan to assist you and the safety meeting attendees in performing an inspection of your facility. You are encouraged to use the checklist and involve the group in this effort.

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